About shopping;

If I order something, how long do I have to wait?

I’m a fulltime illustrator and I can’t live fully of my cat comics, so I process the orders in the weekend on Saturdays. The delivery time depends on the country you live in.

Does my order come with Extras?

Yes! You get a free drawing inside every ordered volume, I love to do that. Also, if you got a wish concerning the drawing (maybe it’s for a friend and you’d like a certain text) you can always include it in the order.

About Pussloose;

Where does the name Pussloose come from?

Last year I wanted to make a little smallpress volume with cat comics. The idea was to make a small series, every volume would have a small “pun” in the title which refers to a movie. Think of James Puss, The Pussimator, Land of the Living Puss. However, I liked Pussloose the most, has a nice ring to it. So I decided to stick to it.

Where do you post your comics?

Mainly on Instagram, but there also is a Facebook page and a Tumblr site. Instagram is my biggest love so most updates occur there.

Do you also do commissions?

At the moment; no, but you can always try in the future by mailing me at rob@roodgras.nl.